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American Atomic-Powered Bomber

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Category: Miscellaneous
Subcategory: 1/144

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Manufacturer:Fantastic Plastic
Medium: Resin
Parts: 10
Status: Available
Release Date: 2005
Skill Level: Beginner
About the Design: On Feb. 7, 1955, LIFE Magazine featured a multi-page spread about the U.S. Air Force's program to build a long-range nuclear bomber powered by atomic energy. The article featured illustrations of such an aircraft as conceived by a group of aeronautical specialists the magazine assembled just for this feature story. The designers' concept was of a large delta-winged plane with a compact, egg-shaped atomic reactor situated just forward of the tail section. To protect the two-man crew from radiation, the cockpit was located at the end of an over-long, wild goose-like fuselage, which contained extra shielding just aft of the crew compartment.
Servicing of the aircraft was to be done in a mountainside hangar, the cockpit and aft sections separated by a thick, shielded wall. All maintenance of the nuclear reactor would be done by remote-controlled robotic devices.

In the article, experts speculated that the first atomic-powered bomber would be flown by the year 1960.

About the Kit: This is the second model kitted by Fantastic Plastic Models. Mastered by Scott Lowther and cast by Controlled Energy Designs, the kit has 10 pieces, including a clear resin cockpit. Decals are by JBOT.

A "desktop" model in 1:144 scale, the American Atomic-Powered Bomber is designed to be displayed in the in-flight, wheels-up configuration. A display stand, inspired by the classic Aurora stands of the 1960s, is also available.

Both the American Atomic-Powered Bomber kit and the display stand are still available for purchase in the Fantastic Plastic Virtual Museum Store at: Fantastic Plastic

Kit Parts
Front View
Rear View

Review by: Fantastic Plastic

Entry created: 06/02/09
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