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Title: Wave MaK 1:20 Melusine Released
Post by: Lonewolf on March 27, 2010, 07:40:34 PM
Per as part of their March 2010 release offerings:

"The first runs of the reissues of the Fliege and Kauz have all sold out, leading to rave reviews for the new 3QMODEL line (a line primarily for reissues of the NITTO kits, but with a little extra pizzaz). The third in the series is the Melusine, which fans have been calling for since the SF3D era.

This kit is based on NITTO's Gustav model, but Melusine-specific parts have been newly tooled for the upper half of the body in particular. This is the first time the Melusine has been produced as a full injection kit."

List price on the kit is $34.59 US.